women in a salon

Women love to look good. They visit salons every weekend for that pedicure, manicure, a new hairdo, eyebrows trimming and even waxing.

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With millions of salons across the world, women from all walks of life visit these establishments and below are the kind of women you will never miss to find in a single salon.


Every salon has such type of people. They are the know it all. They will gossip about each and every customer who comes to the salon and always have something to say about any thing trending. Apart from not minding their business, they always give us heads up on what’s happening and the kind of lifestyle so and so lives.

Silent ones

They don’t meddle in other people’s businesses. Once they’re done with their business, they leave. Every salon has that silent employee or customer.


This type is always trying to be the Huddah and Vera Sidika’s. They will do anything for attention from dressing skimpily to taking a million pics to upload with captions such as #worktings #newhairdo etc. If you haven’t seen clients or salon employees who possess characteristics of socialites at your local beauty spa, then next time you visit, be on the lookout

Full of attitude

This type is always gloomy and don’t contribute to any discussions. For salon employees they will feel offended when you criticise their work. And for customers, they will always catch feelings when you make a joke about them.

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They talk nonstop. They will always have something to say and rarely miss to contribute to any discussion that takes place in the salon. Such employees and customers are such a turn-off. Not everyone in the salon wants to listen to your stories, learn to shut your mouth whenever in public.

Every salon has that employee or customer who demands a lot. From salonists setting tough rules (such as no sleeping, no using your phones and no swinging on the chair). Dare to do this, you’ll be given the worst services ever. Also, there are customers who demand a lot and some will even download hairstyle pics from the internet and ask you to plait them the same. Failure to do this, and they’ll rant forever.

Those who don’t settle their bills

These are the type of clients who will always visit salons and promise to pay later but in return, they don’t pay. When their bill accumulates to more than they can afford, they switch to another one.

Jealous type

They never want to see others prosper. If her workmate has more clients than her/him, they will always be jealous. Also when a customer has nice hair, some will tend to hate. Welcome to the salon where even those who don’t know you will hate for no reason.

Heavy spenders

They are not afraid to spend money just to look good.

A currency dealer counts Kenya shillings at a money exchange counter in Nairobi . /The Star
A currency dealer counts Kenya shillings at a money exchange counter in Nairobi . /The Star


And lastly the idlers

This type are always chilling in the salon and you’ll never miss to find them there.