Loise Kim, a popular and respected vernacular gospel artiste is in hooooooot soup with her fans.

Loise gave her views about the ongoing debate over the recent court ruling on the 50/50 property split after a divorce.

The ruling by Justice John Mativo is not very favourable for slay queens and gold diggers.

Only what a spouse has contributed to the marriage – be it the wife or the husband – can he or she walk away with upon divorce, the High Court declared.

The judgement reignites the debate on the question of division of matrimonial wealth, said the Constitution recognises equal worth and equal importance of parties in a marriage.

Anyhow, Loise gave her views and now people are seething and froothing over her take on the ruling.

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Loise-KimLoise wrote on her social media:

“Dear Ladies,
This is a wake up call to all women to work and have own savings even when married. A new look at marriage where both partners work and save for self and family.”

Adding, “Don’t get caught flat footed. Always have necessary documentation on investments, avoid giving money in cash instead do bank transfers so that there is a paper trail. Go to school, work hard and become someone in life. Marriage is not a career and a man is not a financial breakthrough… Don’t bring beauty alone to the equation. Beauty fades with age.”

In conclusion, the post that was clearly aimed at slay queens and gold diggers read: “Be WISE in the marriage agreement. Combine workmanship and Sustain a healthy marriage.
We don’t pray for divorces, but women need to be enlightened.”

Her fans did not find this piece of information aligned to their beliefs as such they gave their candid reactions.

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Loise-KimHere are some I selected for your reading pleasure.

Mariam Karugi: These people wenye wanalia ooh this is not a good advice from a Christian ooh cjui from Loise……. can you STOP the hypocrisy because you know very well the kind of men we have in this generation mnatafuta from scratch then when he’s full yaani pesa ni mob he kicks you out Ati you aren’t his type. In short I Mariam will never in this world expose my wealth to any person whether I get married to an angel or any other man. THIS is THE GENERATION YOU CAN’T DREAM OF TRUSTING…… THANKS loise for HITTING THE NAIL ON THE HEAD💞💕.

Faustine Gitonga: It is funny how u women now react when both slices get buttered.. Napita tu.. Sijasema kitu

Grace Mwangi: I honestly wonder where it is written or who is this philosopher …..who said “a born again woman should only wake up pray wash slippers and go for door to door …ata chumvi ikiisha ana please call mzee…

Mariam Karugi: Grace I’m still asking the same question. Kuokoka sio kupungukiwa na ujuzi wa maisha.some people should know that

Loise-KimPauline Muthoni: I think you are not good in marriage advice stick to what you do best. That advice can be looked at in very many dimensions. But Loise any Christian knows that that advice is not healthy why take vows with the wrong person why. Question is why do we get married? Are ppl ready for it? Ppl who get married for all the funny reasons should take that advice. To those who are married divorce bible imekataa
Mundu Ni Uyu Before putting contribution to this Fanya introduction,..wengine wanaongea tayari wameshapata divorce already,. Waiting 50/50 share.

Henry Kararu: The easiest people to confuse is women that’s why in these ‘Panda mbegu ‘ churches 96% of the followers are women, Loise Kim stop the best thing u should have done is to advise women on how to keep their marriages and not this crap.

Fren Hann: Kuna mzazi aliambia msichana wake a high-school teacher na ameolewa na tycoon… Mtoto wangu kazi yako ni dhahabu yako,, iwe na pesa kidogo au nyingi.. Hautaulizwa swali ukiitumia..ata kama ya mzee inateremka kama mto nje hiyo ni yake si yako na ukiitisha ata sumuni mpaka ufanyiwe interview ni ya nini… Ladies let’s wake up.. Tusiolewe tukae baridi,homes are built with lots of wisdom..let’s Workhard too.. Mundu umwe ti mbogo then in future akuache kwa mataaa…ebu tutafute pia tusaidiane si tusaidiwoo.

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Patricia Sangiriaki: Am surprised at the naivete displayed here! Women are only being told to work hard and make sure the property they worked for remains theirs! Or is she speaking Greek? Pay for a house or Car, don’t give cash, do it using a bank transfer! You are doing a joint project don’t pay your share in cash.For instance I have a couple wife, have been in formal employment, the other wife is a stay at home mom, do I just give monies to my husband for the upkeep of the other woman?
This is a wake up call women! And these men yapping here are the ones who leave their wives and probably children without a dime. I buy a carpet and I keep the receipt somewhere safe! No surprises for me! Take heed ama, utalilia chooni.

Loise-KimShera Magder Wamumbi: People are funny….so because she is a christian she is not allowed to reason reasonably like the rest of us…..its just advice take it or leave it….n moreover its so true.

Bizzy B Bussy B: What happened to Two becomes one for better for worse for sickness and health? So when things are good you’re one but when bad-things happen its everyone for him/ herself, it’s the epitome of hypocrisy in marriage.

Hassan Muriraikihia Kagombe: Looks like you are advising married women to stay with only one foot in the marriage. ……being married should be giving it 100%,but according to my understanding of your advice here on you seem to be misleading the ladies

Martine Kimoney: What do u mean by caught flat footed???? Are u preparing them fo a run..i love ua mudic so stick to it Mum…

Jessy Njenga: Only until Christian’s will marry Muslims, then peace will be noticed among many marriages or we call it relationships.

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