Is it that the award-winning gospel star has decided to cross over, or Rabbit King Kaka and Wyre have finally seen the light? Those are still speculations right now, but what we know is that Bahati is set to release a new video today featuring the top secular artistes.

This has prompted many questions from fans as to why a gospel artiste would work with a secular artiste. As we wait for his response, remember he was also set to work with rapper Octopizzo.

After Bashing Gospel Artistes, Octopizzo Might Be Working On A Collabo With Bahati Soon

BahatiHere’s what he had to say to his fans about this new project;

“Yes it’s been a long Journey Since day One God placed you in my life. Being as a Family; God has created us a Chance that we may grow Together.I may not Reply to all your inboxes. We may not be able to talk on Phone; but Every Morning I wake up to Comments on Facebook.. Likes on Instagram. I feel your unconditional Love & Support.”

“Enyewe kutoka kwa Heart, You’re the family that I never had!!! Aiseeee sio tu kwa Kushabikia Mziki wangu, Hapana! It’s not Just about you voting me on Awards & Requesting for my Songs. No! But Every Prayer you say to GOD has Made me stand till this day.”

AND NOW for so long been Praying for God’s will on who to Work with on My First official Music Collabo!! For long been Searching my heart in Silence to find the Will of God. For I have always believed God speaks. And because it’s a Ministry and all about GOD; He should Always direct Our Paths.

“And for that Reason I am Really Humbled to Work With #WYRE_and_KING KAKA in My next Song #KUCHU_KUCHU Premiering on your Favorite Radio & Tv shows Tomorrow!!! 22/07/2015 …. I know Many will ask Questions why the Secular Guys but Let’s all remember CHRIST CAME FOR THE SICK!!! And No one is Holy but Him!!! And that’s why I believe this is #WYRE_and_KING_KAKAS time to Tell GOD their Hearts”