Willy Paul has been the talk of the town after doing his latest song Digiri. The song had controversial lyrics, one of which is, “Wacha nikushow siri moja huitaji awards kuingia heaven.”



Fans felt that he got offended for not being nominated at Groove Awards close to 3 years now. He was recently on Hot 96 FM he explains why he’s misunderstood;

”We have alot of judges in the industry sana sana side ya Gospel. ISSUE SI KAMA WANANIELEWA AMA HAWANIELEWI issue ni venye God ananibless at a high speed ni kama hawapendi hivyo.”

He dissed Groove Awards on the Hot 96  Morning  Show with Jalang’o and Jeff Koinange;

”Kora  Awards  watu wanashinda 100 million na Groove wanacomplain huku na wanasalimia mtu tu. I’m the only Kenyan Artiste nominated for Kora Awards.”

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Willy Paul however, defended himself on collaborating with secular musicians like Alaine and Sauti Sol.


This is what Willy Pozee had to say;

”Mungu hakukujia watu wanamjua alikujia watu wamepotea.Sisemi watu wa secular wamepotea but since hawaimbi gospel naamini nawavuta.”