Bahati Bukuku

Veteran Tanzanian gospel singer Bahati Bukuku has made some brave admission about why her marriage did not work out.

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In an interview with Tanzanian press, Bahati revealed she is divorced.

Speculation was rife that the singer may have slept with her husband’s doctor so as to be left off a huge medical bill.

This was premised from her music release for the single Dunia Haina Huruma.

The storyline of the video follow the life of  a woman who struggled to raise money to offset a huge medical bill due to her husband’s hospitalization.

The woman is frustrated by the accrued bill and has no means of offsetting it. She is propositioned by the doctor and she gives in because she wants her husband back home.

When she tells the husband about the one off rendezvous, he gets angry and leaves her.

Pundits have speculated that the music video storyline mirrors her life.

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Speaking to EATV’s Kikaango Show, Bahati Bukuku clarified that her divorce “somehow” inspired the storyline and theme of the single.

“My now ex-husband did not do such a thing (leave her following her confession of sleeping with his doctor). Though there’s a part of the song which was drawn from my real-life experience. Irreconcilable differences was the premise for our divorce. I cannot lie about a man who was my husband, even if I author a book, I will always say I was married before but the union did not work out,” Bahati Bukuku said.

She also defended other gospel artistes who have had the misfortune of getting a divorce or separating from their spouses because of marital issues.

“Many partners think once you marry a minister, then you’ll have an angel for the rest of your life. When things get rough, they realise that their partners in ministry are not perfect – and it is at that point disappointed partners contemplate divorce. We, in ministry, are human beings too,” she concluded.

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