Gospel artiste Weezdom has found himself in a tight spot after a video vixen who calls herself Quinter exposed him by leaking audio conversations and text messages discussing how he infected her with a sexually transmitted disease.

Quinter whose real name is Jane Wambui said she met Weezdom at  EMB records where she had gone to record covers of various music and they hit it off.

Five months down the line after various liaisons of a sexual nature, Quinter discovered she had a lethal STI that left her “in pain when I peed and I was bleeding.”

Going by the screenshots seen by Mpasho Quinter sought to get more information from Weezdom about the infection.

The duo started with pleasantries before the damsel dropped the bombshell.

Quinter added,

‘I think I got an I got an infection jana. I have a lot of pain and some blood nkisusu. Coz if Uliniumiza pain haingekua hadi saa hizi. Though am guessing… Will tell you nkitoka hosy.’ The lady told Weezdom.

Weezdom has refuted the claims because according to him he has no engaged in unprotected [email protected]

Speaking in audio exclusively heard by Mpasho he said,

‘Why am I not infected? It cannot happen because I have not had unprotected [email protected] in 5 months. You are starting to make me fearful. I fear death so, If I had a feeling that I am infected I would have called you immediately.’

The damsel went on to ask Weezdom how she would have gone to his place if she knew she was infected.

‘Nishaa pona God is good but stop talking like a child. So you think I had an infection nikikuja… How could I have come nikiwa na pain? Fcuk slut. Good luck big gospel star.’ She wrote.

Weezdom went on to state that God would help him

‘Ati I infected you??? You are joking aki wah but wah nimelearn through you. You know yourself and saw what you did but God is for us all. You looked for me but you are now talking trash because I am not giving you attention.’

Listen to the audio below


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