KTN’s news anchor Ben Kitili is one of the most celebrated journalists we have in town. Kitili who has taken the media industry by storm is one that is known to keep a low profile of both himself his family.

One thing that most people admire about this TV hottie is his daughter. I mean this guy is blessed. His daughter Ruby is all grown up and without a doubt, she has a striking resemblance to her father.

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Si Aliangukia! See How Flawless The Wife To KTN’s News-anchor Ben Kitili Is. Slaying All Day E’rrday (PHOTOS)


Kitili who got engaged in 2015 to one Amina Mude has proven to be one of the best fathers we have in the country.

On his social media, Kitili has been seen sending sweet messages to Ruby, his princess.

“Fatherhood has its challenges and sacrifices but they are all worth it..just a cheeky smile from this little one and the year’s troubles melt away..thankful for my princess this boxing day..#MyRuby”

Check out her photos;

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