Cheating husband
Cheating husband

It’s always a dream of every woman to have a man and a family of their own. But ladies, did you know that all men that come your way are not heaven sent? Some of them are just agents of satan perambulating and you need to be careful.

Dear Ladies, These Are The 5 Types Of Men You Should Never Date

Well, popular relationship expert Joro has outlined qualities of a husband material and here is the list, go through:

1. Any guy who has suggested at least Church or Bible study date is HM ( Propose to Him)

2. If his WhatsApp doesn’t show when a message comes in he’s not husband material

3. Any guy who won’t give you his last piece of meat or let you take extra spoons from his ice cream is NOT husband material

4. If he chases Instagram celebs, plastics girls with 46-inch Brazilian hair, 6-inch nails who have ‘berry, cherry, Barbie, Velvet, doll’ as their IG name he’s not husband material

5. If he leaves his phone open, no password or locks, he’s husband material

6. If he shares an apartment with more than 3 other guys is not husband material

7. Any guy whose phone is constantly on silent. No ringer or vibration is not HM

9. If he doesn’t have a 9-5 job or a defined job but calls himself a CEO he’s not husband material

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10. Any guy who has untidy/dirty beard is not a husband material (RUN)

11. If he has more than 10 body counts he’s not husband material

12. He must know how to make at least indomie, rice, yam, stew and plantain he’s  husband material

13. If he has more than 2 Baby mamas he’s not husband material

14. If he gives you his atm card , cheque book freely he’s husband material

15. If he can not go more than 7 rounds in one day he’s definitely not husband material (Propose to Him)

16. If he has more than 6 bank accounts with no Money he’s not husband material

17. If he doesn’t condone unplanned visit to his place he’s not husband material

18. If he has been to moremi hall, Redeemers or Babcock University more than 5 times this year he’s not husband material ( RUN)

19. If he’s owing night clubs money or borrows car, tooth brush he’s not husband material

20. If he’s willing to father a single mothers child and marry her he’s husband material

21. If he hides you from his friends, family, Pastor he’s not husband material

22. If he always has a table at the club every Friday he’s not husband material

23. If he likes or comments on more than 15 ladies picture per day on IG he’s not HM

24. If he asks you to borrow him less than 20k he’s not husband material

25. If he takes you to the cinema and doesn’t buy ordinary pop corn he’s not HM

26. If he doesn’t have a single Christian song on his phone he’s not husband material

27.If he talks negatively about his ex he’s not husband material

28. If he’s above 35 and has not committed he’s a chronic player not husband material