nick odhiambo

So the triumphant national rugby sevens team, Shujaa, returned to the country after winning their first world circuit 7s trophy ever. What many didn’t know is that we had some of the best players in that squad, whose parents never wished to see them play the tough game. They even advised them against it. Who’s laughing now?

One of these players is the remarkable Collins Injera. The energetic and speedy Mwamba SC winger is now a world famous star. The most recent win for the national team has been received with great pleasure, especially by the highest office in the land. President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to be meeting the team at State House in Nairobi today.

rugby 7sFlashy Classic 105 presenter Nick Odhiambo has, however, twisted all the talk about the Shujaa win into a laughable one. Look at what he told parents, whose advice to their children was similar to that of the Injeras…

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