Ahmed Darwesh

It’s been eight months since the ever jovial, talented KTN anchor Ahmed Darwesh left us. Daru’s (as he was referred to by his pals), passed away in December last year after losing a battling with diabetes. Many still can’t believe that he is gone, he died a young man at the peak of his career, but who are we to question Allah?

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Anyway, being a Thursday, I thought I should share with Daru’s fans the memories of the late. Well, below are the five things about the late Ahmed Darewsh everyone misses, go through

  1. He was the jovial

Ahmed Darwesh was one of the most jovial and bubbly TV presenters who graced our screens. His signature greeting ‘Wakubwa hamjambo, wadogo mmeshindaje? Hii ni KTN Leo chaguo lako, wanakwetu wananiita Ahmed Darwesh’, always brought a smile to our faces. We miss you Daru!

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2. Passionate about his work

Unlike many TV presenters who do their work depending on how thier mood swings, Ahmed Darwesh was different. Whenever he graced the screen, you could feel his love for the craft. He was so passionate about his work, and that’s why many were aways glued to the screen to watch and listen to him do what he loved best. Despite battling diabetes, Darwesh still worked until the last day.

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3. Mastery of the Swahili language

He made Swahili language sound so easy. He is the man who taught many of us especially back then when we were still young how to pronounce Swahili words and also how to read in the same language. Even after his death, Darwesh is still indomitable; no one can match him.

4. He was a cheerful giver

Ahmed Darwesh did not discriminate against anyone. He mingled with both the young, old, rich and poor. He treated his friends as his family, and this could be evident on social media after his pals posted photos of the presents he gave them while still alive. Daru also helped the physically challenged.

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5. He was a loving husband and father

Despite his love for ties, being a cheerful giver and a prayerful man, Ahmed Darwesh was also a loving and caring husband to his family. He left behind a widow, two beautiful girls, and adorable son. He was also a role model to many.

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