Friends and family of Baraka Chacha have woken up to the sad news of his demise. 

The young man who was working for Youth Dynamix – a research company -meet his untimely death when he was leaving  club on Galana Plaza heading back home.

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His death was documented by a fellow reveller who tried to help save his life this morning.

“So this happens to be the saddest day of my life. I’ve arrived home at 6.47am…and at around 5.45am I saw someone lose his life at Galana Plaza premises. He went by the name “Chacha”. He was infront of me as we went down the stairs from B-club assumingly heading home,and he accidentally slid from 1st floor to B2. All I remember is seeing blood oozing out of his head from my view…I ran down the stairs as fast as I could..tried to do CPR(Mouth to mouth) on him…until I got agitated when the security said they are calling the supervisor to one of the clubs. WHAT THE HELL WILL A MERE SUPERVISPOR DO TO SOMEONE FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE?? The STUPID security guards were there staring instead of trying to get some help. His friends were there screaming his name asking him to wake up. My clothes are stained with his blood,” Nyabwa Samuel Wrote.

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He continued, “This is the first time seeing someone die infront of me. It has really pained me. I’ve cried my whole way home and I still am. Life is that short. Cherish every moment you live. Maybe he was planning on going to kenchic, grab a bite then head home . But oh well
F*CK THE SECURITY TEAM IN GALANA PLAZA..F*CKTARDS!!NKT! GIVEN YOU A PIECE OF MY MIND..I DON’T CARE IF IM BANNED THERE!! B-CLUB AND KIZA I didn’t know Chacha…but he was very handsome by the looks. Poor Chacha. May your soul rest in peace.”

Baraka Chacha

Check out some of his photos.

May he rest in peace. Our condolences to his friends and families at this trying times.

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