Bahati vs Mr Seed
Bahati vs Mr Seed

Mr Seed’s wife Nimo Gachuiri has congratulated Diana Marua on her pregnancy.

This was after Diana and Bahati took to social media to announce that baby number two was on the way.

Diana Marua
Bahati’s wife Diana shows off baby bump

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The Bahatis and Seeds used to be best of friends but early this year, they broke up.

This was after, Mr Seed’s wife [who was heavily pregnant by then], was thrown out of Bahati’s new year event for selling coffee, a move Diana didn’t like.

Early February, the couple [Mr Seed and wife] held a baby shower but Bahati and his wife Marua were conspicuously missing.

Diana is yet to congratulate her former BFF after she welcomed her first child. But Nimo says she has no “hard feelings”.

Back then, the silence from the Bahati camp towards Mr Seed and his family was too loud. We asked about it and Mr Seed came out to speak about their broken relationship. Read all about it in the link below.

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Now, Diana is expecting baby number two and many celebrities have wished the celebrity couple well. Among them is Nimo. She has congratulated Diana and her husband.

Nimo exclusively spoke to

We did not have any idea that they are expecting another baby. But [from us it is] congratulations to them because a baby is a blessing. No hard feelings but we still don’t talk.

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Bahati’s wife is super excited about her pregnancy. She posted her prayer on Instagram saying,

Dear God, 2019 is Indeed my Year 😭 You have Blessed me too much 🤗 THANK YOU FOR THIS ANGEL IN MY WOMB 🙏 #BabyNo2 💃💗

Diana Marua
Diana expecting second child

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