“Kenyan music haina content!”

Kenyans have been heard saying that for the longest time.

As Kenyans align themselves with the music genre that works for them, here’s a list of bankable stars that are bringing the house down with their performances.


Serro is youthful soulful singer with a rich golden voice. She is a singer and songwriter hailing from Nairobi and has been in the music scene from three years ago. She is known for some of her biggest hits like; Rongai,Ya dunia and Kasyoki wa Mitumba which is her latest project.

2. Karun

Karun is an RnB pop  musician who has been in the game for quite some time. She began her music journey from the group camp mulla and after they broke up she took a music break. She is now back with she has a new sound that Kenyans are vibing with. Her latest single being glow up.

3. Ayrosh

Ayrosh is a talented singer, songwriter who has been featured in a several events locally and internationally. His genre is described as the New Age Mugithi Fusion and folk fusion with songs like Maheni meaning lies doing so well on all social media platforms.

4. Mutoriah.

Mutoriah is at the youngest producer to blow up in this time and age. He was discovered by Sauti Sol as he helped produce their song Rewind.

In addition he is also a singer songwriter and has projects on all streaming platforms. He is also the producer to Lucy and Favorite Song by Bensoul.

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5. Xenniah Manasseh

Xeniah is a talented singer with high end vocals. Her genre is Neo-soul with an RnB background.She is the fastest growing artist on her lane. Popular for her song don’t go.

6. Brandy Maina.

She is also an Afro fusion artist who has amazing vocals who is slowly making her way to the top.

7. Ciano Maimba

The 23-year-old is a singer songwriter with incredible guitar skills. Ciano used to sing in restaurants for free before he blew up.He has been featured in several events and the feedback from the audience has been very positive.

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8. Wendy Kemunto

Wendy is a talented Kenyan song writer.She is the big break artist of Coke studio in 2018-2019.She has gone to all odds to ensure the growth of her brand. She has a number of songs out with songs like calling and Nakudai.

9. Enoque Wambua

Enoque is a singer songwriter and performer who believes in telling African stories through is music. His music is known to have an Afro and soulful feel.

10. Maathai Njama

He is a singer songwriter and guitarist with a soul and jazz feel. He is known for songs such as Right as rain.