It is now 8 months after the birth of her second born son and gospel artiste Size 8 has decided to start working out to get her sexy back.

Size 8 is a two time CS mum but she is determined to get her old body back.

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She went live on her Instagram with workout coach She said,

‘Nyi chekeni tu, Gojeni mzae watoto wawili ndo mtajua hamjui. Hizi exercise zimenimaliza day one na hata hunionei huruma

uuuuuuuuwwwwwwiiiiiiii I give God praise after battling with such high blood pressure for many years I couldn’t exercise.

But look at Jesus hata kama na hema atleast I can exercise!!!!! follow this woman of God who is equipped to get that body back to shape!!!!!’

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According to the workout coach Size 8 has not worked out for the last two years.

Health experts advise that a woman who has delivered via CS should wait for at-least 9 months before embarking on exercises.

This is to avoid the CS wound from tearing up again or avoiding back injuries.

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