The widow of Kiambu politician William Mwangi, who allegedly was shot dead by a Flying Squad officer on Sunday, has demanded justice for her husband.

“No one is supposed to play with someone else’s life. It is God-given and taking it away by killing is a sin,” Agnes Mwangi said.

Mwangi was allegedly shot dead by constable Edward Manjulu as he left Club U-turn in Limuru town, where he had been watching football matches with a friend.

The constable demanded a free beer but was refused. A fight ensued, police said.

Mwangi was later found shot dead in his car outside the club.

He ran for the Jubilee Party ticket at Lari Kirenga ward but lost.

Agnes said she has lost a loving, caring and hardworking husband, who always encouraged her to face life’s challenges.

She said she called her husband more than 30 times on Sunday but his phone went unanswered.

“He usually arrived at 9pm and when he would be running late, he called. Last Saturday, he didn’t call. I fell asleep at 11pm,” she said. “At 2am, I lost sleep after realising my husband hadn’t arrived. I called him, he never answered. After half an hour, I called again and went on repeatedly but it wasn’t answered. I guess it was that time he was being killed. God woke me up. Tears flowed freely from my eyes yet I had no ideas where he was.”

Friends offer support

The couple had one daughter, Liz Wanjiru, five.

Agnes said she heard people talking outside at 5am and they told her Mwangi had been killed. Mwangi left home at 5pm Saturday to pay workers who were building his house in Gitithia village.

The couple lived at his parent’s home in Kibagare village, Lari.

Mwangi’s father John Kimani said the family, relatives and friends will follow up until justice is done.
He was accompanied by Mwangi’s mother Elizabeth Wanjiru, former Lari Scheme councilor Johnson Kimani and politician Simon Peter Karanja.

“Many people have visited to pray and encourage us. Many have told us they will not leave us until justice is done,” Kimani said.

Agnes said she has faith in the detectives investigating the murder.

The Star/ George Mugo