Luwi Capello

Early this month, Nairobi D’s star Luwi Capello was involved in an accident along the Malindi-Mombasa highway where he was seated at the back left of the car he was traveling in.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital and was in a coma for days. Here is a video:

Good news brethren, the reality star is well and up on his feet.

Recently, Luwi has been sharing inspirational messages that is proof enough that something has changed about him.

“I want to say thank you guys for your prayers & love am doing well almost reaching where i was & who i was i thank God & you guys for helping me in every situation i believe God is not asleep & al be back to a 100 & do what i love thanks guys & God bless all of you…” Reads His latest post”

He goes on to add

“God is everything…🙌🙌💣💣💣”

From his messages on social media, Luwi seems to be a whole new person, inspired and ready to change the world.

Check out the condition of the car after the accident:

Check out his first ever post after he recovered:

“This was one of the days you just wanted to visit a weeding and have fun thats how it started i am greatful God spared my life and did not make me be in a wheel chair I wish to extend my gratitude to all Family, Friends and Relatives of for their endless support and prayers throughout my accident & hospitalization after the fatal accident.
My utmost appreciation and thanks goes to the everyone who gave a helping hand and Am now back home and still on recovery process.We thank God that i can now walk wonderful (with support) and my memory has greatly improved as i hit my head very hard could not believe i almost died thank God and i will be back on my feet pretty soon by God’s grace.
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU…!! FOR YOUR SUPPORT GOD IS GOOD AND I WILL BE ON MY FEET 100% SOON THANK ALL OF YOU I LOVE AND APPRECIATE All who helped me one way or the other God has been faithful and all will be 100% great i appreciate my life & Thanks all those who helped me..🙌😉”

Luwi Capello