Nyce Wanjeri’s daughter Natasha Nyawira just turned nine. Nyce populary known from her role at Shiru on the local drama series ‘Auntie Boss’ has been doing alot of online videos supported by her daughter Natasha.

From the videos it is evident that baby Natasha is talented and might be following her mother’s footstep.

‘Natasha, you have been an amazing child, you bring smiles and I came to experience true definition of love when you came into my life…. I can not exchange you for anything in this world… May God lead you baby, may you find favor from God and man, your path is lightened baby… You are the head not the tail….. As long as I live I shall love you and lead you where I can… Happy 9th birthday my daughter,’ Wanjeri wrote

Nyce Wanjeri revealed her conversation with girl in the s3x-tape

Last year Wanjeri won the best actress in a drama series. Previously she had won an AMVCA of the best actress local drama series.

Check out how she and her daughter serve mother-daughter goals:

Nyce Wanjeri Nyce Wanjeri Nyce Wanjeri Nyce Wanjeri