Months after losing her husband Beloved John, gospel artiste and former Tusker Project fame participant Ruth Matete can now lay his remains to rest.

Ruth lost her husband after a gas cylinder exploded in their home, injuring him, then he succumbed days later.

How the family of Beloved John has returned Ruth Matete’s dignity by allowing her bury their son

Radio Citizen Presenter Jerida Andayi, a friend to Matete appealed to the public to help Matete give the late Pastor Beloved John a good sendoff.

“Finally! My lookalike and little siz Ruth Matete can now bury her husband . God is good . Kindly support her to give Pastor Beloved John a good sendoff through paybill 891300 Account number 39659 .

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It’s been tough. God has shown Himself” reads Jeridah Andayi’s post.

The Nigerian government had stopped Ruth from burying her husband despite the body of Beloved John going through several postmortems.

‘They have refused to release the body of Ruth Matete’s late husband,’ says her lawyer

This was after a friend to Beloved John insinuated that Ruth Matete might have been involved in his death, something that was ruled out by the postmortem results.

The couple had only been married for a few months and were expecting their first child.

So bad was the bashing on Ruth Matete that she deactivated her social media accounts.

We hope after burying her husband she can get closure and start healing.

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