Bona Mugabe, the daughter to former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has mourned her father after he died receiving treatment in Singapore.

Taking to her social media platform, Bona wrote,

Zororai murugare baba, Mwari vaita kuda kwavo (Rest in peace father, God has done his will.)

Robert Mugabe

Multiple sources in Zimbabwe announced that the former leader has died.

Bona and her dad had a close relationship and it is easy to understand how heartbroken she feels.

Rest In Peace Robert Mugabe! Zimbabwe’s former president dies

This is because she was named after Mugabe’s mother and she was the only daughter to Mugabe and his wife Grace.

Below are condolence messages from Netizens

Mac Liah: My deepest condolences 🙏💔

Havok ZW :My condolences sister..our father will be sadly missed😤🙏 #RipRobertMugabe

Brenda Batai: Rest In Peace Sekuru I will cherish all the great advice you used to give me you be forever missed by our family Matibiri.

Rodrick B Chipanera: May his soul rest in peace! Molded us to be who we are. We will forever miss his wisdom.

Trixie Felix-John:So it’s true💔😢. So sorry for your loss. My childhood hero, Africa’s hero. The man who made us all proud to be blacks, Zimbabweans, Africans.

May He Rest In Peace. Deepest Sympathies and condolences to you and your family and Africa at large. What a great loss to us all.

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