God is great. The  survivor of the horrific accident in Kisii has finally broken the silence on the story that has gone viral.

Kisii Accident

The lady who  was among the six ladies who were travelling from Nairobi to Kisii for a birthday party, yesterday evening narrated to the media what transpired leaving her pals dead.

5 Kenyatta University Students Die Painfully After Gory Kisii Accident (PHOTOS)

She explained how they (8 in number) they left the city in a Voxy car, got to Kisii safely but their life was cut short when they embarked on the journey to where the party was to take place. She narrated how ‘they’ changed a driver then after that she cannot recall anything apart from  screams. She added, when she came to, she found herself in the hospital. She further revealed that they were from different Universities; Kenyatta and Dedan Kimathi Universities.

Kisii Accident

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