Doreen Gatwiri and Gideon Mulyungi
Doreen Gatwiri and Gideon Mulyungi

Former Ebru TV host Doreen Gatwiri must be regretting why she hooked up with Mwingi Member of Parliament Gideon Mulyungi, a man she met at a supermarket.

Doreen Gatwiri and Her Husband
Doreen Gatwiri and Her Husband

The sexy lass, who is a lawyer by profession, took to social media early this week to expose Gideon Mulyungi, claiming he was a wife batterer.

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Well, in a tell-it-all interview with the Nairobian , Doreen, who is a former Miss Catholic University has revealed shocking details about the lawmaker leaving many with more answers than questions.She revealed how Gideon kept his past life a secret only for her to stumble upon a funeral programme in the house one day and on confronting him, this didn’t go well.

“I was shocked to find out that my husband’s first wife died 1997 and his son two years later. I was devastated that he never told me about this. It’s then that I realized why he had been shielding his past,” said Gatwiri.


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She added that:

“When I confronted him he got mad and said I had no right snooping into his things. I got scared and even went for a medical examination fearing that he might have some kind of disease.”

Gatwiriti explained how he lied to her that his first was poisoned by one of the workers.

“Later, he said that his wife was poisoned by one of the workers and that his son died of suffocation in a car.”

Doreen-Gatwiri home
Doreen-Gatwiri. photo credit: file

Doreen Gatwiri narrated how she was in an abusive relationship and after being battered several times, she decided to move to court to file a separation case.

“In June last year, it got so bad that I filed a case for separation and moved to my parents’ place. He agreed to the separation, but warned me that I will get nothing as alimony.”

Doreen Gatwiri posing
Doreen Gatwiri. photo credit: instagram/Doreen Gatwiri

She said the matter was settled out of court and Mulyungi asked her to move back to their home in Karen and be by his side during last year’s campaigns, and she was convinced that he was not going to lay his hands on her again.

“I thought he was not going to harm me again, but I was wrong,” said Gatwiri.

The former screen siren revealed that trouble started again when he asked for money to attend a fundraiser, where she was the guest of honour.

“I reminded him that over the weekend I will (sic) be going to IPC Kiseveni church in Kalisasi area, Mwingi Central for a harambee. He got mad and said, ‘Kwani sasa umekuwa mbunge unaanza kwenda kwa maharambee? pesa ya harambee sina.”

Doreen said adding that:

“He was leaving for a function at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) but came back into the house and started beating me. He punched me in the face and hit my ears, neck and knee,” she narrated

Unlike other relatiosnhps, where women are free to mingle with their friends, Doreen Gatwiri’s was a nightmare.

“I was locked in the house on different occasions. I once almost missed my oral law exams and on another day, received a warning letter for skipping work,” she explained.

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Gatwiri also accussed her husband of mistreating workers and cheating on her with other women.

“He would overreact when dealing with his workers and would occasionally fly into fits of rage. One time, his driver accidentally hit a bump on Mombasa Road. He got so mad, asked him to stop and threw him out of the car.”

Doreen Gatwiri reported the assault case to the police and yesterday, Gideon Mulyungi was arrested.

Credits: Nairobian

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