Githurai girl
Githurai girl

Githurai girl took the internet by storm.

A video of her doing a cover of Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys got the attention of Kenyans. With such talent, she needs more than what she has.

Githurai girl

Every dog has its day and this was ‘Githurai Girls’ day. After her video went viral, many Kenyan celebrities have been looking for her.

Well, Big Ted found Githurai Girl and decided to help her grow the talent she has only when she is done with school.

At this particular moment, she is preparing to sit for her KCPE and he does not want to be a distraction.

“wE FOUND HER…THANKS fam and everyone who went out of your way to make sure that we FIND this star..She is a bright girl currently preparing to sit her KCPE and for that we shall not engage her in any activity untilI she is done with her exams…We wish her the very best in her preparations in the meantime get all your SUPER TALENTED kids ready for the.”

With that, many artistes have come out to show interest in working with her. So, may the best man win!

Here are just but a few celebrities who have come out to acknowledge her talent:

Pierra Makenna: OMG amazing voice 🙈🙈😘😘😘😘#WcW #BeYou

Dj Pierra
Dj Pierra. photo credit: the star

Vivian Kenya: I am looking for this talented girl !!😍 Anyone with links on her whereabouts kindly DM me asap!! I would love to talk to her.



Pascal Tokodi: Gracious Amani from Githurai!

If you have her contacts kindly dm me🙏🏻

Talanta si dumba! Githurai girl wows Kenyans with sweet voice, set to sign mega deal

Joe Muchiri: Wow look😮 @ Her blast her vocal cords away talent🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 is everywhere in this country. Too bad there is actually no one to nurture it if🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ those tourists didn’t pass by there we would never have gotten this clip. Hope someone can do something 🙏🏽

Big Ted: Ok guys…AFRICA CREATIVE ARTS & INNOVATION COLLEGE (ACAIC) Wants to make this young girls talent work for her that as she takes to her studies her talent is also natured and developed to she can be in the creative industry…HELP US FIND HER & ANY OTHER KIDS YOU THINK ARE EXTRA~ODINARILY TALENTED!

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