Gracious Amani

Gracious Amani is having the time of her life. Oh! How a tiny clip can change a life. The Githurai girl has probably had the best year so far. That is if you measure success by wealth which most people do. I do, by the way. I can still have joy and loads of money.

Her Cinderella story started in June when a clip of her performing Alicia Keys, “Girl on Fire” went viral. The clip was a hit with the masses and Pine Creek Music took note of this.

Githurai girl
Screenshots from the clip

The company’s CEO quickly signed her up to a lucrative 2.5 million shilling deal. And before we could even breathe the girl on fire was already making music. She has already released a new song called “Sitasahau“.

Her new song

The song is below:

The song was released yesterday. The song is one about hope in and triumph after days of suffering and struggle.

It is a credible first attempt that should showcase some of her skills. Although I do feel the song allows her to stay in a “safe space” vocally.

Gracious Amani
In the video

That brings me to the question. Does she have what it takes to justify her eye-watering recording deal? That is hard to tell. But one thing that she does have and might help her immensely in the future is the profound goodwill of the Kenyan people.

Gracious Amani

And that does not come easy. Meaning that if she at least has the fortitude to consistently produce music then she will be a fixture in the Kenyan music scene for the next decade easily.

So yes, she does deserve the deal. It isn’t the best musicians who make the most money but the one the fans can connect with. And Gracious Amani aka the “Githurai Girl” is one musician we can connect to.

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