Getting your heart broken hurts worse than having period cramps. It could have been your crush in middle school who rejected you or maybe it’s from a longtime relationship in your adult days. Whatever the case, chances are you’ve gotten your heart broken before.

There’s no way to sugarcoat a broken heart — that shit hurts. Let’s look on the bright side though; once you heal, you’ll be able to look back at the experience and feel gratitude. That’s right. You’ll actually be thankful that you went through it and you might even recognize some advantages of having experienced heartbreak.

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How about we look at some reasons why you should thank him for that heartbreak.

1. You realize just how loved you are
The pain you experience from heartbreak allows the people who really love you to comfort you and help you realize just how loved you really are. When things first happened you probably felt like there wasn’t a soul alive who loved you, but you later learnt that you were wrong. Experiencing heartbreak will definitely show you who is really in your corner and how much they love you.

2. You’re no longer wasting your time
If it’s not the real thing, then it’s not the right thing. No matter how much you love someone, it doesn’t mean that they have to reciprocate it. Unfortunately, you’re just now realizing that they weren’t in it the same way you were, but at least you are no longer wasting your time.

3. You realize how bad ass you actually are

Experiencing heartbreak will force you to stand face-to-face with yourself. Hopefully when you do that you’ll see what I know is there–a bad ass. A beautiful bad ass at that. Never let losing a partner–no matter how in love you were–make you feel like you’re not as amazing as you truly are.

4. You can see the signs of a failing relationship from a mile away
Things between you two may or may not have ended on the best terms, but experiencing this heartbreak will definitely allow you to see signs of a failing relationship in the future, a lot sooner than you did that time. Experience is the best teacher and you’ll be feeling like a pro once you’ve worked through the pain and heartache.