Zari and son Raphael

Zari Hassan has defended her second-born son Raphael Junior who came out to say he is gay. The mother of five says his son’s Instagram Live was taken out of context and that he is not gay.

Zari said the reason his son lied that he was gay was to protect himself from women who come after him

“He came out to say he is gay because women are after him sending vajay vajay pics…”

Speaking on Instagram, Zari clarified that;

Raphael is not gay, he is dating. He started dating when he was 14 years, he’d ask for money to go to the Mall with his girlfriend.

She said if ever his son decides to be gay, she would give him her full support.

But for instance if he was gay, its something that I’m gonna support him through, its my duty as a parent but for now we just clear the air to say Raphael is not gay.

Zari Hassan

Raphael actually posts his girlfriend on his Insta-stories.

She went on to rant about social media users who take time to troll her.

I am used to you, my son is not used to you, I see things and keep quiet. You guys have tried to break me ever since I got with Diamond and you lost. I have left him and you stil continue. What is the point.


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The thing about social media is that good things don’t sell. Whether its charity or she has bought a new car but when you hear Zari has been beaten you want to know the details. You dont want develpement. You give attention to lies and politics

Zari also slammed Tanzanian social media users for cheap data which leads to them talking about her.

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