L Jay Maasai and Ashley Mutahi's wedding
L Jay Maasai and Ashley Mutahi's wedding

Award-winning gospel singer James Lekishon Kamwaro popularly known as L Jay Maasai is off the market.

The talented artiste, who comes from a minority community where men are known to be herders, is among the few who’ve come out to disprove this notion and his songs are currently dominating the local airwaves.

L Jay Maasai and his longtime girlfriend Ashley Mutai recently celebrated their anniversary and the Iyaiyo hitmaker shared this sweet message celebrating his love.

“It was this exact night (5when we made it official … Today our Love is stronger and deeper than ever!❤💗 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE! @ashleymutahi You are nothing but a blessing to me from God. (For Many years and to more years)
Lakini Its about time we leak some breaking news don’t you think?”

L Jay Maasai and Ashley Mutahi

Ashley responded with a lovely text which read;

“Awwww Happy Anniversary boobear😍😍 Das 1 of 3 😋😋 I’m so glad to have met you ! I love you sooo much 😘😘 Yes yesssss 🤗😜😜😜 It’s about time we do sweetheart! ♡♡”

The young lovebirds, who have a joint Instagram account (lekishon.x.ashley) where they share photos of themselves displaying affection for each other in public, recently shared photos from a wedding shoot leaving many speculating that they had walked down the aisle. .

Check out the photos of L Jay Maasai and Ashley Mutahi’s wedding


L Jay Maasai and Ashley Mutahi's wedding
L Jay Maasai and Ashley Mutahi’s wedding


L Jay Maasai and Ashley Mutahi's wedding


L Jay Maasai and Ashley Mutahi's wedding


L Jay Maasai and Ashley Mutahi's wedding

Their followers among them gospel artistes took to social media to congratulate them on their ‘wedding’ and here are some of the comments

Kush Tracey: Braza @ljaymaasai congratulations aye👌

Kabi: @ashleymutahi giirrrlll!!! Am still overwhelmed for you ,😍😍 congratulations to the both of you

Mercydlai: Congratulations.. May God bless your union

Cyndybw: Wishing you a fab marriage filled with God’s blessings

djredbonekenya: Congratulations 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Evelynwanjiru: @ljaymaasai congratulations

Hellenmachira: Wow congratulations may God bless your marriage

Resiatorana: Congratulations lover birds. You are amazing

Kabiwajesus: Wow just amazing congratulations guys looking really stunning

Princessmaa: Congratulations. May God bless it

Gladys Wanyoike: Wow to God be the glory, sir remember whoever gets a wife gets a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord, look out for your life from now onwards, favour will come cheaply your way, good things will come also cheaply.you are blessed

Monique van Diepen: Wow, that’s awesome!!! God bless you both and congratulations with your marriage. I wish you two all the luck in the world!!!

Raychel Njoroge: My heart is aching 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢my crush is off the market😭😭😭😭 congratulations and a happy marriage

Georgina Naserian: Congratulation L-jay..This couple always amazes me. Nawapenda 😍😍

Well, Mpasho reached out to L Jay Maasai for a comment and he revealed to us that they haven’t tied the knot yet. He said that photos were part of their new project.

“The pictures are simply from a photoshoot I did with my girlfriend. We started a business of selling and hiring wedding gowns. Our target market is everyone and anyone who is planning for a wedding. We have stuff for all brides,” he exclusively told Mpasho.

When asked about his wedding plans, he responded:

Me sio mtu wa kukimbiza maneno.”


“I guess ni mapema, but when it knocks you will surely hear about it.”

Rumours have been going round that L jay’s girlfriend is pregnant but he has refuted the claims.

“Not at all. We are waiting till marriage.”

L Jay is set to release two songs later today, Iriwa which means nitume (send me) and  ‘Bam Chikicha by  singer Cooper Cooper, first artist  he signed under his record label. Cooper Cooper featured in L Jay Maasai’s song titled Bado Bado.

Q: After winning the male gospel singer of the year in 2017, do you think this year you’re going to retain it?

A: About awards, if it soo happens that im nominated and that i win, all Glory shall be to God.
But i am working on exploring a wider market than Kenya alone, so hopefully with all the faith possible we are looking foward to international noninations.
I am working with Gods time. I really do not know.