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Hehe wonders will never seize. The kind of things men share out here leave us wondering if they are mature or not.

Are you serious meme
Are you serious meme. photo credit: memecrunch

Why rush into a relationship if you cannot persevere the challenges that come along?

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A disgruntled man has poured his heart out concerning the nature of his girlfriend’s behaviour. According to this man, his girlfriend farts endlessly when they’re making out and he is not happy.

I need to voice out before I die in silence. My girlfriend pollutes (farts) during sex. I used to think she did it unknowingly but she continued especially when she wants to get an orgasm. It comes so hard that I feel poop coming out.
This girl is hot with big ass, but this habit is disgusting. One day I decided to tell her to go to the toilet before we make out and she was offended. I later apologized and while making out, same thing happened. Not only once but everytime time we do it Is this enough excuse not to marry her?.

Check out reactions from online users:

Dayor_williams: The sound could be from her veejay when air somehow find its way into her during intercourse. Therefore, as a result of your thrusting, the air trying to find a way out will make a loud poo sound.

Nicksonapril: Are you looking for excuse not to marry her?

Adebola: You guys should change sex position, maybe u allow too much air inside

Queen: Too much doggy style.

Shocked meme lol
Shocked meme lol. photo credit:file

Maureenodinaka: I can’t believe this.. have never heard about it…

Goziem_dinma: You’re not ready for marriage yet, when you are, we’ll know.

Beny_cutie: It’s queef and not Fart Oga…. 😂😂😂

Iam_kayceeeee: Oga is looking for an excuse to break up with her.

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Peassy: It’s called queefing…i have it too so I started getting irritated and when I asked my boyfriend who fortunately is a medical doctor, he enlightened me about it…. It’s not a big issue just read about it

Kellay: Mehn some Nigerian men are actually ignorant. Wtf?!

Some are claiming the condition is known as queefing (fanny fart)  while others say its

Queefing – The sound is somewhat comparable to flatulence from the anus but does not involve waste gases and thus often does not have a specific odor associated.

What causes fanny farts?

The cause of vaginal flatulence is fairly straightforward. It is the result of a buildup of air in the vagina, caused by repeated penetration and release. As the penis moves in and out, a suction effect takes place and air can become trapped in the vagina.