Gin Ideal

Gin Ideal, signed under Taurus Musik has hit the studio with one of Uganda’s top artistes, Spice Diana. Despite promising fans she will release songs back to back, Gin Ideal has only since the start of the year only released one song.

gin ideal

Ideal first hit the music charts with her song Rede which she later released a remix for featuring Wyre.

But little is known about this lass. She was once rumoured to be dating Sudi Boy. It turned out to be a music video. She was later linked to TV presenter Martin Kimathi, rumours she immediately rubbished.

Sudi Boy and Gin Ideal

‘I lost my virginity at 19 years,’ confesses Gin Ideal

But here are some things fans don’t know about her;

1. She has never weighed more than 50kg
2. Her family thought she would always be a journalist
3. Before a stage performance, Gin Screams to get rid of nervousness
4. Dufla knows more about her life more than her own girlfriends
5. She can’t go a day without milk
6. It’s a turn off for her if any guy who hits on her calls her by “Gin Ideal”
7. Her real name is Virginia Maina Njeri