Wizkid concert held at the KICC by the Barbeque Live went down on Saturday Night. Many artistes have termed it as disastrous!

After H_art The Band told their story of how they were mistreated, Fena Gitu has come out in support to summarize it saying that they were not sharing a stage with Wizkid but were only performing to “Mop’ his floor.

She went on to say that they were treated “Ovyo”:

“We all want to eat bruh, tusaidiane. We actually want YOU to make it big so that we make it big too. But mkiendelea kututreat ovyo hakuna mahali tunaenda.”

She continued:

“To be honest, this gig was for us to mop the floor for Wizzy, not to share a stage with the legend. Wewe ukimaliza kumop, chukua kitambaa yako uishie.”

Apparently, Kenyan Legends, Nameless and Redsan were not left behind:

“It was so funny for me to see Red and Nameless standing backstage in the rain to get a glimpse of Wiz. They should have been ushered straight from stage to VVIP. Mimi ata ningepelekwa Regular si mnajua bado tutaturnt tu ?
The staff was stretched thin, everyone running around everywhere…it was a mess n I felt bad having to come down on my friends for it coz wako jobo pia.”

The organisers had said that “There will be alot of Food, alot of nyama choma, drinks and even virgin drinks” but according to Fena, they were not even fed.

“Maybe I’m just bitchin coz I wasn’t fed and I’m hungry.”


‘You Have Already Performed, Go Home!’ H_art The Band Mistreated By Organisers

Could it be they were carried away by Wizkid’s arrival and only concentrated on him?

Reports have it that the organizers coughed millions for Wizkid’s performance.