janet mbugua

Janet Mbugua-Ndichu is probably one of the cutest female celebrities in Kenya.

She has become a screen darling for many, especially the very many members of the Mafisi Sacco.

She is known for her social activism on matters of female fertility.

Janet MbuguaShe has never been caught in any scandalous situations, per se, thus becoming one of the few celebrity figures to keep a clean record.

However, she also has her secrets! Did you know that Janet Mbugua had a tattoo on her left bosom??? I know you didn’t.

She has finally shown her ink to the world, and it looks legit!

Janet Mbugua Has A Photoshoot While Breast Feeding

See the photo below…

janet mbugua


Tantalizing Tuesday: Janet Mbugua Poses Topless (PHOTO)