Akothee's daughters

Self-proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee is taking precautions to avoid contracting Coronavirus.

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In a video that has gone viral, the mother of five threatened to call police on her two daughters, who had just arrived from a local airport, fearing that they hadn’t sanitized.

Rue Baby, her second born was the first to rush to where she was seated to say hi but the controversial singer wasn’t ready for that.

Have you sanitized? have you washed your hands? take off those clothes and take a shower. You just came from the airport and you want to hug me. The seats at the airport have coronavirus. Take a shower and even get into the pool and disinfect,’ she told Rue Baby.

The runway model insisted that she has sanitized before and after getting off the plane but Akothee couldn’t listen to her.

Coronavirus has no boundaries, it is real. it doesn’t know whether you are my daughter or mother! i don’t want a hug. social distancing…

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A few minutes after Rue was gone Vesha, her firstborn came to the room where she was, excitedly ready to hug her mother but all didn’t go well.

madam director (vesha) go and take off those clothes and soak them in jik.

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The soft-spoken director of Akothee Safaris just like her sister told her mother that she had sanitized but she responded telling her.

nO. YOU’ re from a plane and i don’t know where it has been [operating].

Vesha tried to move nearer but Akothee shouted at her.

Don’t come near me. I will call the police on you! you’re coming to me with your corona? look at this idiot.

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