Kenyan songstress Victoria Kimani has been making headlines recently with her Safari Kenya Tour. The “Prokoto” star has represented the country in the most amazing ways; from performing internationally to always referencing +254 as a major part of her brand.

She is arguably one of the best pop stars Kenya has ever produced.

As if that’s not enough, Songa by Safaricom exclusively hosted her EP, “Afropolitan”. This is a huge milestone for the singer previously she was dropping hit after hit.

Afropolitan Victoria Kimani

Songa by Safaricom is the music streaming app that has been creating a buzz in the Kenyan showbiz for the past few months. It boasts of a massive catalogue of over 2.5 million local, regional and international songs. The app is a darling to the biggest stars in Africa, who have opted to bank on it by releasing their music on it. These include the likes of Nyashinski, Bahati, Sauti Sol and Mercy Masika.

Diamond Platnumz’ latest A Boy From Tandale album launch which took place in Nairobi was also in partnership with Songa by Safaricom. It was a huge success as it attracted the who is who in the East African music industry.

diamond platnumz
Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz with his American counterpart Omarion during the launch of the Songa by Safaricom app.

So how do you get to listen to Victoria Kimani’s music on Songa?

It is actually simple! You just need to dial *812# on your Smartphone. You will instantly get a text back prompting you to click on a download link. The link re-directs you to the Google Play Store. Once you have it on your phone, you sign up by entering your bio data. There is a 14-day FREE trial for the app, so you have ample time to sample as much music as possible.

Where does that put you? You will have an unlimited collection of songs to dance to; you and your friends. You will be in control of your playlist. No one will be limiting what you listen to, when or how you do it. What are you waiting for? Get Songa and get moving to the music!

Here’s how to create a playlist on Songa By Safaricom: