Ladies and gents, this is as exciting as watching an actual game in the stadium. Have you ever wanted to watch live Premier League Football on a massive screen for free without having to jostle for space?

In fact, imagine this; your favorite game is playing and it’s mid-month. Obviously, your finances won’t allow you to roll out the red carpet and watch it at your local. Back at home, you usually pay for the basic PayTV plan so there’s no access to that live match. You really want to watch it, however. Sigh!

You’re not alone. This scenario happens to many. I know a number of people who nurse one 300ml soda for hours just to earn a seat at a bar or restaurant so that they can watch the game. If you’ve ever been through this, you’ll most definitely celebrate SportPesa’s latest move.

See, Sportpesa has brought into Kenya a state-of-the-art live viewing truck which has been going around neighbourhoods and counties. They’ve been showing hot matches for select days each week.

The truck dubbed ‘Stadium on Wheels’ has been to Kakamega County and Kabete, Nairobi West, City Stadium and Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi. This weekend, it’s coming through to Nyeri and word is the residents are already excited. ‘Nyerians’ will get a front row seat as the truck pitches tent at the county’s Dedan Kimathi Stadium.

The matches to be shown on Saturday include Everton vs Burnley on Saturday at 3p.m and Sunday’s mouthwatering clash between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

The truck will also make random stops and roadshows to give Nyeri residents pleasant surprises before it is escorted in a convoy to the venue where the county residents will sample its majesty for the first time.

This truck is massive, powered by a huge 40kVA generator with a standby 30kVA Uninterruptible Power Unit – so no blackouts at any time.

File photo of SportPesa Truck at Uhuru Gardens
File photo of SportPesa Truck at Uhuru Gardens

It’s got two 7.1m long by 4m wide giant screens which are mounted on each side, making it suitable for viewing from a distance without a hassle and it gives a 360-degree stadium feel to the fans who want to get their sporting fix. These screens can be lifted to a staggering height of 7.2m above the ground using technology that has never been used in display trucks, to improve viewing in grounds with little space in what is aimed at accommodating as many fans as possible.

Nyeri, you better be ready. See you at the Dedan Kimathi Stadium this weekend!