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Socialite Huddah Monroe has advised Kenyan women to stick to their men and not to rush to Nigerians.

Huddah’s advice comes barely a week after vlogger and ‘relationship adviser’ Lisa Gaitho revealed that she had parted ways with her Nigerian man, whom she used to bathe.

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 In a video she shared on YouTube, Lisa said she left the man so she could focus on her relationship with Jesus Christ and celibacy. She had dated the Nigerian man for three years.

Taking to social media, Huddah Monroe warned her fellow Kenyan women to stay woke

Y’all should learn from Lisa Gaitho’s story. Not all that glitters is gold, beware of conmen. They come disguised in big d*cks and a sweet tongue to brainwash you. Once you get d*ckmatised, they clean your account dry, glad it didn’t happen to her. Y’all think Nigerian men who have moved to Kenya want to marry you. Lol. How many women did they leave in their country? Enjoy the d*ck & pocket change while it lasts. And keep it moving, these niggas are on a mission. Love is for the birds.

She added:

Mtajua kukaa na wanaume wenu wa Kenya. Hii kazi ya kukimbilia watu wanacome kuhustle. Looking for greener pastures in Kenya. They have no time to love you. Kazi ni kuwad*nya na kuwatoanisha doo, na on top of that kuwaacha na watoi. Wake up.

Huddah Monroe Huddah Monroe Huddah Monroe Huddah Monroe

Vera Sidika also suffered in the hands of a Nigerian man, who used to batter her.

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