Daddy Owen
With his wife on their wedding day

Gospel artiste Daddy Owen has finally spoken out after his wife Farida Wambui allegedly eloped with a Gilgil tycoon.

The father of two in an official statement addressed the news circulating around and thanked those who stood with him.

‘Thank you all who have reached out to me in one way or another over the last few days with prayers or encouraging words of support following news circulating in the media involving me and my family. The word of God encourages us in all seasons to rejoice, for the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness. This requires us to maintain a perspective of joy in whatever we go through as we know ultimately our walk will produce perfection in God for He makes all things work out for good,’ he wrote in part.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen’s statement

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Kenyans have reacted to his statement and below is what they had to say;

Silas Gisiora My Remarks On Daddy Owen. I have not yet verified the claims that Daddy Owen was dumped by his wife. But if she did, and she went for a richer man, I want share a few words of encouragement with my brother. I like Daddy Owen. We have danced to his music and it has uplifted us. His song with that Sarkozy kid is always on rotation on my playlist. Daddy Owen reminded us Solomon’s everlasting words, “yote ni vanity.” Daddy Owen is still talented and can still hit the studio and release another banger. If short on cash, he will still make more.  Those close to him need to tell him not to lose sleep because she left. He should move on. Immediately. Get a replacement as fast as possible. Covid-19 came to teach men that Hypergamy is cruel. And the antidote to Hypergamy is men focussing on themselves, being constantly aware that she is never yours, just your turn. In the mean time men must keep building their frame, making money and going for high value women. A high value woman will stick with you through think and thin.

Boiz Moseti It’s sad though that’s life

Osero Shadrack Daddy Owen needs to be vaccinated with a lot of red pill doses. This is what credulous men in Kenya miss. If she ghosts you, just move and go build your life. Men, please work hard for yourself and not to please women. They never get satisfied or satiated. All women, with now feminism abode, and how they screech liberalism and freedom, all they seek out is a sperm donor & then you’re jettisoned into a trash bin.
Know this; all women, led by Nairobi females as their SI unit are ever looking for what I can call “BBD” or Bigger Better Deal. They’re ever checking who has more financial resources to extract. It’s just your turn gentlemen. Men are now disposable utilities.

Kemunto Sly Ngoge Men should normalize wives being snatched and even more..being dumped!

Mwalagho Mw I once lost a girlfriend to a wealthy guy. When he went broke, he was abandoned too, having paid dowry and uploaded 100s of photos on fb

Kimweli Jameth No man snatches another man’s wife. The woman just decides to change address.

Steve Biko #Hypergamy doesn’t care. I trust in fellow men to teach her a lesson though… Just like zari was taught a very tough one by Mr. D whom she monkey branched to by dumping her husband.
In the end, it’s ALWAYS a man coming up on top

steve_.g._official._ wanaume tutafute pesa,😭😭😂

african__oxygen Heri yeye aliwachwa sisi wengine hatujawai patikana🥺🥺💔

bas.canty Enyewe sisi watu rich tukona bahati😂

picanarr She did him bad manze

kenyan_dummy Uza kidney bro😹😹😹😪💔💔..uone karudi hapo mbio😹😹😹

kinshit_bambino Ni Kama broke guys don’t deserve love🥴

theekenyandoll No money no love😗😗😗😗

mercy_ramsey_ Kama marriage ni hii acha niendelee kunyonga clitoris itoshane masikio ya ndovu 😂😂😂😂😂

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