Omar Lali who hit the headlines for his whirlwind romance with the late Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai has come out to talk about a viral photo linking him to a super hot model, Koko Kamillah.

The photo went viral with netizens claiming he has already moved on.

Please, I’m, not dating Omar Lali! Model speaks out after viral photo 

Omar clarified the matter saying,

“She (Koko Kamilah) is my friend she is not my girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend.”

He added,

“So for those who are writing in the media and the newspapers, Poleni sana it is not the time really. It is not the time. And when the time comes you people will find out because i am still here. I’m still living. I’m still human.”

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Omar warned,

“So don’t take advantage of people and write stupid things on Twitter or facebook. Please guys get a life. If you don’t have something to do come to lamu we take you fishing.”

Yesterday Koko Kamillah also clarified the matter branding Omar an “old friend”.

Watch a video they shot together to set the record straight.

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