Gengetone’s Ethic’s manager Sam has rubbished claims that the group Ethic stole Sotic’s song Soko.

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Sotic, an upcoming group posted their song on January 17, while Ethic’s song was uploaded on YouTube on Jan 23.

The songs sound similar at the beginning and when two artiste’s from Sotic gang tried to reach out to Swat Mtoto wa Eunice, Ethic’s superstar, things didn’t go well.

Check out the conversation betwen Swat and the two artistes


Ethic  Ethic Ethic Ethic Ethic


Mpasho reached out to Ethics manager and he denied the claims.

Ethic’s Soko song was shot in May 2019 and we decided to release it last week. The original owner of the beat is camebeats, a music producer from Spain,’ he said,

He added

We bought the master rights to that song. Maybe the song was leaked to them and were told to redo the song. If they claim that’s their song, I HAVE A RIGHT TO SUE THEM for infringement of copyright. If they have an issue, let them come to me.

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