Celebrated female artiste Fena Gitu has shared photos of her mother and we must admit she is aging gracefully and we can’t help but admire her.

Fena who is well known for songs such as ‘Sema Ngwe’ was celebrating her mothers birthday.

She penned

Forever Mama’s Girl. ❤ Happy Birthday Mom ❤👑 

Still a shy girl, still a fly girl 🤗💕💕❤ I Pray You Live a Long Long Life, Love.

Fena Gitu and her mother

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Fena’s sister Maggie recently celebrated her birthday and Fena penned the message below to celebrate her on her big day.

Celebrating a literal piece of my heart today. Happy birthday @maggiethetherapist@goddessofloveandlight.

It’s truly a blessing to have you here, alive, well and smiling that ever pretty smile. God knows, it’s a blessing.

Fena Gitu’s sister

I love you. As you hit reset on this next GREAT chapter, unlock, unchain and unleash the beast.

Keep saving lives with that beautiful mind. I love you sis, get em! ❤❤❤🎁🎀🎉

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Below are more photos of Fena’s mum.

Fena Gitu's mum-mpasho
Fena Gitu’s mum
Fena Gitu and her mother chilling.
Fena Gitu and her mother chilling.
Fena Gitu with her mum and sister

Don’t they look graceful?

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