Popular Kenyan gay author Binyavanga Wainaina is fuming in anger!

This is after he was allegedly denied a chance to take his boyfriend to a holiday in South Africa using his medical funds.

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The funds, managed by the Kwani? Trust Board, were raised when the author suffered a stroke earlier this year.

Himself was a member of the same Board, which he has since resigned from.

In a post in his social media pages this afternoon, Binyavanga alleged that his lover, who is a military officer with the Kenya Navy, had previously been denied a chance by the navy to travel to Germany to meet him.

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He alleges that the boyfriend was in dire need for holiday, since he was “very stressed”, having returned from a military operation in Somalia.

Read his post:

“i am crying. I dont know what to do. I think the Board at Kwani is going to say no to me taking my – in-love to South Africa for a holiday using my Medical Fund. i have been in love with this man for five years. we have spent five days together. IN THE Past year. Even his post is dangerous for him. He is in the navy. He is very stressed. He was in Somalia. HE was supposed to travel and meet me in Germany this December. My fellowship DAAD was going to sponsor him. Unfortunately the navy does not allow people so low, to come to Europe. So i had the idea to take him to South Africa for a month. He needs me. That I have to come to social media is because i think they Board ARE being very cruel.”

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In a subsequent post, Binyavanga wrote:

“i have resigned from the Board Of Kwani effective Immediately.”