The economy being in the crapper, one can only expect crime to begin to look more and more enticing to disenfranchised youth. Problem is, they end having to contend with the consequences of their decisions when they are staring down the wrong end of a gun when Hessy catches up with them.

I recently happened upon footage of a brazen robbery in Eastlands that was carried out by 4 boys probably not old enough to hold a national identity card. In the video, a Mpesa shop, its patrons and the phone case next to it are relieved of their possessions.

Check out the video of the brazen robbery below:

The latest robbery incidence caught on CCTV in Nairobi's Eastlands..Daily Nation should stop defending these thugs..they deserve to die..these are probably school boys..

Posted by Peter Karanja on Saturday, December 1, 2018