Boys playing chess

The weekend is here but due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kenyans cannot go out partying and club hopping like they always do.

The best thing to do is to engage in creative games to keep the mind busy and avoid boredom.

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After all, drinking before the kids isn’t such a good idea.

Below are the games you can play.

Snake and ladders

It’s an interesting and mind engaging game, Suitable to people of all ages.

Jigsaw puzzles

This not only helps keep the mind active but it also gets the whole family engaged.

Jigsaw puzzle

Spelling bee

This is especially effective in a family with school-going kids. Being at home may make one forget how to spell words.

How best to jog the memory than to hold an indoor spelling bee.


This can be applied to both adults and kids. One can pass by a text book store or a supermarket and buy a coloring book.


Applicable to a household with adults and kids, the drawings do not have to be perfect.

Just a way of passing time.

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It can be used as a way of keeping fit or just a time passing tool.

Hide and seek

Only applicable to people who have spacious houses, watu wa bedsitters tukae kando please.


Boys playing chess





There are many more games, these are just a few

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