G Money

There’s beef brewing between Bahati and Homeboyz Radio’s deejay G Money. A fan identified as Shaffie Waru asked the disc jockey which Bahati song he would be playing that night but this didn’t go well.

G Money savagely responded asking, ‘Who is that?’. In short yeye hapana tambua Bahati.

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The controversial gospel artiste took to Twitter to hurl insults at the popular Jamaican deejay calling him

I Have Heard there’s an Upcoming DJ Who Kenya Has given Asylum for 20 years by the Name #GMoney @GMONEYizME… Hata Hajawahi Support Kenyan Music nowonder Hajui Wasanii wa Kenya #boomboclat.

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The singer’s post ignited mixed reactions with many defending G Money and trolling Bahati.

Check out the reactions

Nash @bahatikenya huyo msee unaita upcoming DJ @GMONEYizME
akona signed album ya Jay Z kamjamaa..endelea beef yako tu na akina Mr.seed bana.LANES!!!

Mwihaki Send me your latest song so I can delete it broFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Jeff Manene Bahati ameingia lane ya pozee kapsaa..

Mwangi G money is bigger than your whole music career plus your cartoon animation show being bahati

J Mukolwe Hawa Gospel artists wa Kenya hawajui hiyo. Hypocrites kuruka.

Joy Muraya Doesn’t change the fact that we’ll still never listen to your music

Zion Pearl Thanks for saving me time Face with tears of joy.
The gospel in Kenya is no longer a ministry. It’s an industry.Kuna fishing/forestry/agriculture, tourism industry, mining industry, media industry, energy industry, manufacturing industry…

Eframe Ngure Wah ati Upcoming!?? Haha bahati mziki yako haija vuka border na unajiita Artist…hii nikama stivo simple boy kujaribu ku educate P Diddy.

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Tito Koech He hooked up Ethic with Konshens though. Isn’t that supporting Kenyan music?

Lutta Zima hio kitu Bahati, are you even listening to yourself? You’re not making any sense, unless Diana atranslate

Ish Rapper G_money anaeza buy EMB yako double the price then sell back to you half the worth ,Tafuta Ken wa Maria mbishane na Yee you ain’t in such a level