Kenya men

Dear women, is your husband, sponsor or Ben 10 suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation? Are you tired of being embarrassed and left hanging especially when it mattered the most for both of you?

Don’t worry, we got you.

VITOMBI MMESOMA HII? Kenyan Men, Here Are The Tactics That Will Ensure You F**k Again Immediately After First Round Of Sex

Here are some of the remedies to take to prolong the pleasure…

  1. Strepsils

They come in different flavors. Honey, cool (mint) and lemon lozenges, they contain a combination of two effective antiseptics to relieve the discomfort of sore throats. But to Kenyan women, that’s not what they use it for. Many have confessed using the strepsils cool flavor. To create a sensational feeling during oral sex. According to city women, the strepsils has a menthol taste that leaves a cooling on the man. If you haven’t tried this, unangojea nini?


2. Dress in a sexy lingerie

Hello fellow women, save some cash and walk into a lingerie shop; buy a silk sexy négligée, red to be specific. Go back home, prepare supper before the sun sets, take a bath, wear your see through enticing peice of clothing and apply aramis all over your body so that you look like a shining star from a distance. Believe me or not he will be motivated and if he is a one minute man, trust me he will last for even an hour.

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3. Mkalie chapati

It may hurt to sit on a hot chapati on a frying pan but as many say, he will never go anywhere else. Do you like your man that much and don’t want to share him? Then take up the challenge and let your tush meet the searing hot chapati interface. Do it for love and hot sex.

4. Vagina tighteners

From kegel exercises to using misk and shabu, women are willing to do anything just to make their lovers happy. If you use misk or shabu, your NUNU will be so tight and this will make him spend more time fishing out that gspot. Atakula mpaka mfupa.

5. Always shave your pubic hairs

Not everyone likes Karura forest, please. They are not monkeys. Please women always ensure that your NUNU is clean and shaven. No man will want to go down on a woman with futhis. A clean NUNU also helps one last long.

6. Rexona soap

This is the new invention. Just like strepsils and tropical mint, the soap gives a man’s ‘mtree’ a tingling cool when having sex making it hard for him to ejaculate. It can be applied before and after sex – that is if you still want more.

Ladies, have you tried this?

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