Larry Madowo

NTV presenter Larry Madowo is a cool lad.

Born in Barding village, Siaya county, Larry Madowo has risen through the ranks to become one of the most sought-after media personalities in Africa. The multitalented media personality, who is giving his counterparts a run for their money, has not had it smooth up the ladder, though.

Larry in a past interview disclosed that his late mother Treazer Anyango Madowo, who was a primary school teacher, single-handedly raised him and his sister Liz with the peanuts she received as a tutor.

Larry Madowo

The celebrated media personality narrated how he observed his mother struggle to fend for them by juggling between her teaching career and being a businesswoman. Madowo also revealed that after high school, he used to hawk mandazi and tea in Nairobi’s biggest open-air market, Gikomba.

‘You Attend 100 Weddings In A Year Na Hujawai Pata Mtu.. Kwani We Ni Tent?’ Fans Beg Larry Madowo To Marry

Well, recently, Larry Madowo visited Gikomba market, where he learnt how to hustle, and he shared photos reminiscing the time he spent there.


“My first job straight out of high school was selling tea and mandazi at Gikomba. A few weeks ago, I took a CNN crew back there,” he wrote accompanied by the pics below.


Larry Madowo


Larry Madowo


Larry Madowo


Larry Madowo

Check out the reactions from Kenyans

Bosire Larry: You are younger than me I know and I am sure you grew up during the camera period. Share us photos of you selling the tea and mandazi and we close this chapter…Otherwise…

Cj Junior: I hope it’s not a negative story… Your dislike for Kenya is very dangerous because of the huge following that you command.

Chad Ogolla: So there is no difference between your success story and Arap Mashamba’s? From chicken/eggs selling to DP. Now yours is interesting, tea hawker??!! Awuoro

Willie Nganga: Wow, you are aspirations to many of us here.
What these people don’t know, is that having relatives abroad doesn’t mean you are rich.

Stacy Gift: Enyewe umetoka mbali if at all you did that,usiharakishe kuoa hata,kula za kwako bwanae,mtu akikukazia uoe niambie nimgunze adabu

Benzy Murangiri: Your present situation is not your future destination #larry God is always great

Krystol Konscious: From a tea hawker to the most sort journalist on NTV. Vindu vichenjanga.

Esther Wangari: Never forget the humble beginnings

Samawati Sam: Haha. I thought I would see pictures of you selling the tea and mandazi. Anyway…

Margaret Njoki: Umetoka mbali. Where are those pics when you were selling tea and mandazi

Augustine Naky: You are one of my mentors, I really like your hard work and patience. God bless you Madowo

Omondi Richard: Don’t cook stories ….half of your immediate family is overseas doing well…ur sister is a fashionista…etc etc …u have never shared this mandazi story…are u looking for sympathy ??u went to Daystar which is very expensive compared to most public univ…please respect Gikomba traders and stick to your rich lane Larry…if ur guardians(I know u are an orphan) were taking good care of u…don’t paint them in a bad picture

Mohamed Salim: It doesn’t matter what people say. It doesn’t matter your bad characters you hide on set. What matters to me, and should matter most to all the good impact you bring to the society. I personally learn from you to emulate hard work and become a good journalist, more than you. More than half of the people calling you unprintable names on social media do not even know half of you. They are idlers seeking likes on Facebook. When will we support our own? Am proud of you sir.

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