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The Simama na DJ Evolve team has refuted claims that they are intentionally withholding the funds collected for his family.

In a statement released by the team, delay on the part of Evolve’s family is what has stalled the funds transfer process.

In a statement seen by Mpasho, the team wrote

’18 July 2020 Simama na DJ Evolve Fundraiser Official Statement issued in response to allegations that the fundraising team is withholding the funds from the family.

On Wednesday (15th) and Thursday (16th) July 2020, the Simama na DJ Evolve fundraising team received calls from Tuko.Co.Ke and respectively, seeking clarification on the state of the fundraising campaign.

They claimed to have information that the fundraising team was deliberately withholding funds from the family.’


‘The fundraising team provided the same copy of information as stated below. However, on Friday 17, July 2020, a sensational and misinformed article was published on

The tweet/article was followed by a flurry of attacks directed at the fundraising team.

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As mentioned earlier, here below are the same facts regarding the status of the fundraising campaign and funds collected:

1. The Mchanga fundraiser for DJ Evolve was set up on July 1, 2020, by a group of DJs to support the recovery process of a wounded colleague. As at the time of issuing this statement, the platform has raised a total of KES 110,320 (one hundred and ten thousands, three hundred and twenty only)

2. Over the last 3 weeks, the M-Changa platform management requested the family to provide the bank account details of DJ evolve in order to ensure the funds are deposited to the rightful beneficiary.

This requirement is per the Standard Operating Procedures of the platform to ensure safety and integrity of all fundraising initiatives.

3. As far as we are aware, the family has so far not provided the M-Changa office with those details, hence the status of the fundraiser remains unverified as clearly indicated on the platform.

4. The M-Changa fundraising platform is the sole custodian of the funds contrary to the claims by the article published on

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DJ Evolve

5. The individual(s) initiating a fundraising campaign on M-Changa platform have no access to any of the funds collected.

6. The fundraising team has maintained the highest level of integrity and transparency throughout this campaign process.

7. In the event that the family is unable to provide the bank details of the rightful beneficiary by the close of business on 20 July 2020, as per the M-Changa policy, all contributors will be refunded within a week and the fundraising campaign closed.
The fundraising team appreciates everyone who has come through to make the campaign a success.

We stand strong together as a community and believe in the power of coming together to support any of our colleagues at their time of need.

We will issue a final statement once the process is completed.

Below is the statement


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