Ciku Muiruri

Media personality Ciku Muiruri is never afraid of dating a married man. The bold mother of one, who authored Love Is But A Dream, has given women tips of dating married men. Her tips are so on point.

‘Ladies, here’s a Dummies Guide to Dating a Married man (if you must).
Rule No 6: Fulfil all his fantasies: Whatever (and I do mean WHATEVER) he wants, be sure to provide it, but not all at once. Give in to his fantasies one by one and space them out,’ she posted.

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Ciku went ahead to tell women to at least get something from the relationship. Not to leave empty-handed when things go south.

Rule No. 7: You MUST get something out of this relationship. I cannot stress this enough. It doesn’t make you a tramp (sleeping with a married man already accomplished that!). It just makes you… pragmatic. Here’s a reality check. You can’t have his heart (it belongs to someone else). You can’t have his time (you’re second in the pecking order). You can’t have his name (already taken). It’s a pretty raw deal, huh? That’s why he must step in and balance the equation with the almighty dollar.

Reactions from her followers include;

Antony B Gacheru We as team mafisi will reward you for this, your efforts can not go unnoticed

Senior Chaplain Mulyungi Completely unbiblical – that’s adultery

John Bosco You really have a funny way of expressing humour. You should classify the book under comedy serialization.

Mustafa Koen Yes ciku,advise them to give in to our escapades, ata paka mzee hunywa maziwa…we’ll meet our end of the bargains😂😂😂😂😍😍😍

Charles G.Njue BTW….Wives! You can also date your husbands…again!
They are also married, to you!!!!Just saying!

Brian Maina You’re the devil’s advocate

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Janet Wasike May God help us married women..

Oyugi Kevin As much as some things happen in our society, normalizing it (mpango wa kando) does not make it right. But promoting it this way is very disgusting.

Steve Kariuki Rule No. 6 hahaaa they want it the other way and be treated like queens

Still Isaac Why are you approving cheating

Benson Kyule LoL! Would a married woman buy the book ?Assuming you were married would you write such a topic ( Dummies to Dating a married man) ? Or that is not your target market ? . And i hope Rule no 7 is : It will end in tears 😊😊

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