Kifo hakina huruma. Jane Mukami who is known for her 100% fitness regime that actually works, is mourning. She lost her brother, Stephen ‘Mitu’ Githehu to suicide.

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The family is now making plans to ship the body back to Nairobi from the US.

The organising committee gave an indepth look at how Jane and her family are dealing with this sad news.

“This has truly been the most challenging week of her life after losing her grandmother on February 11th then her brother on February 16th. Here is more information from Jane about her brother Stephen.

Everybody referred to Mitu as a cool and funny guy. He served in the USA army between 2010 and 2014 before enrolling for a degree program at Kennesaw State University.

He started acting strange in 2015; he wouldn’t leave his apartment and his social life dwindled. He shunned his family and friends. He wouldn’t open the door for his only sister neither would he answer his phone or reply to messages. After months of locking himself in, the sister called the cops who went to his apartment and reported that he was clean shaven and looked “normal.” He told the cops to tell his family to leave him alone. But clearly something was wrong with Mitu…

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“His mother flew down from Kenya in November 2016 and she knocked on his door daily for weeks, but he wouldn’t open for her. She was devastated. The family tried everything, from going to the court to seek a 1013 certificate which authorizes transportation of a person that appears mentally ill, but that didn’t help because they needed 2 witnesses that had ‘laid eyes’/seen Stephen within 48 hours and observed irregular behavior. His mother and sister explained how he wouldn’t allow them to see him and that they had called the police several times. The court was not of much help. His mother flew back to Kenya very heartbroken from not seeing her son and feeling helpless for not being able to get any form of help,” the COMMITTEE wrote.

They continued, “Two weeks ago, he texted his sister out of the blue saying he was about to get evicted from his apartment. He asked if she wanted his paintings. She off course said yes and they were able to meet. At that point, Jane asked him, “where will you move to?” He said she would know soon enough. She asked him to move in with him but he refused. A few days later the sheriff and team showed up to evict him. As soon as they walked into his bedroom, he grabbed his gun and shot himself.”

“He leaves a confused and wounded family. He leaves behind questions nobody can answer. He leaves a crashed mother, sister and father.”

May he rest in peace.

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