Reports have emerged over how Ugandan singer Mowzey Radio ended up in a coma after a night out.

His management posted the following statement.

“It is with sadness that we confirm the circulating rumors regarding an incident involving Moses Ssekibogo (Radio) on Monday, 22. January 2018.Mowzey-Radio

The facts are as follows:

Police have arrested and are holding in custody one suspect, and are currently searching for his accomplice. The arrested man is Egesa George, owner of The Bar, Entebbe.

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Between 9pm and 9:30pm on Monday night, Moses was subjected to a very serious and unprovoked assault by an employee or associate of Egesa George. There had been an exchange of words, and

Moses was exiting the bar to return to Kampala when the as-yet-unidentified assailant viciously attacked him. This resulted in a severe brain injury that required urgent medical attention.

Moses was taken to Emmanuel Clinic, Entebbe Road, then transferred by ambulance to Nsambya Hospital and finally transferred by ambulance to Case Hospital, Buganda Road where it was decided that he would undergo emergency brain surgery. His surgery took place between 2:30am and 5:30am of 23. January 2018.

Case Hospital will not be releasing any details of his care to the press.

The full extent of Moses injuries is not yet clear. Contrary to gossip, he is alive and in a stable, comfortable condition within the Intensive Care Unit.

As his condition improves, the management of Radio and Weasel may make a further announcement.

Our legal advisers can confirm that they will be pursuing charges of attempted murder against the accused.

The family of Moses Ssekibogo are attending to him at the hospital, they appreciate all thoughts.”

Muombeeni Please! Ugandan rapper Mozey Radio in ICU after bar brawl (Hospital Photo)

Mowzey-RadioHere are some reactions from Mowzey Radio’s fans.
Suzan Salt:  I have heard many cases were this young man was involved in brawls one being wen ge dropped a Djs computer in a pool of water.its so sad but at times certain things have to happen so that the person can change.wen he gets out of this i doubt he will EVER provoke or attempt to fight anyone.this happening to Radio was long over due.buli waali tavawo nga tewali lutalo.i Pray he gets out of this but this will be a good lesson to him.Get well soon young man

Nicky Nants: It beats my mind !!!? Wen I read such a story…. Mozey has been ur client … For all this tym u knew him has alwyz been coming to chill from der…..Ur e person who sold him e drinks…. U know drunkards how thy go crazy
.. Yyy couldn’t uuuuu contact his friendz to pick him Up….!!!! He did doz becoz he knew he felt at home…..uve alwyz been serving him…. Now pamella !!yyy did call e pipo at e bar and alert them about radio is presence…???? Now mozey radio ur famous, celebrity yyy didn’t u party with ur bouncer … Lyf of a celebrity more so with many grudges is not easy..!!!? U see .how the bar is to fall in a loss. Already operation took 8 ma!!!! Hospital also been a deposit of 2 million…. Who is to pay….. ????? U beat e man and ran u couldn’t pick him up… Isn’t that attempt murder……???? Eeeehhhh this is real shit….!!?

Makanga Muwanga Allan: Police should first arrest that musician for abuse of drugs

Tsokina Lydia Katisi: I believe Mozey is gonna make it in Jesus’ Name

Akiiki Lii Kiggs: This unnecessary killings is becoming a Regular occurrence in Uganda. It doesn’t matter whether he picked a fight or not, no human being should be hit to the point of near-death! Ugandans Mwedeko you beat to kill, why? Give him a big slap but don’t knock his brains out! Vigilantism.

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