Bahati-with his wife
The couple enjoying an intimate moment

After gospel artiste Bahati was forced to shave his dreadlocks by his wife Diana Marua, he went and pulled another stunt.

This time round he came back home wearing studs.

Bahati Diana Marua

His wife, who was anxiously waiting for him after he left the house in a huff was not amused to see him coming back wearing earrings.

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Sasa earings umevaa za nini [Why are you wearing earrings]? Diana asked her hubby.

The Mama hit singer responded to her saying;

“Just change of look babe. What do you want me to do? get a tattoo?” Bahati defended himself, adding, “I’m trying to impress you with some good looks, you know.”

Diana wasn’t happy with him wearing studs and she criticized the fashion fad.

Are we moving forward or backwards. What are you impressing me with? Remove those earrings.

Bahati went ahead to ask her.

What do you really want babe? Are you for real? As in you don’t like my studs, you don’t like my dreadlocks…

His wife interjected, cutting him off mid sentence. Diana shot back,

 by the way I don’t like them [earrings].’


The tough woman she is, Diana laid down the law.

Women have the say in the house. let me tell you if you’re a woman and have a husband stand firm on your ground. See, Bahati now looks like the man of the house after shaving the dreadlocks. 

But Bahati still wasn’t happy after he was forced to cut off the dreadlocks.

Dreads make me look mature. You want people to be saying you’re dating a younger man every day? 

Diana responded,

A young person? Do I care about people’s opinions?

Before they could finish talking about the singer’s latest look, they had a blackout. They hadn’t paid for electricity.

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