TBT celebs

Today being a Thursday, many especially celebrities have shared their old photos under #TBT just to show us how they looked liked before fame and money.

Most have transformed into beautiful and handsome creatures thanks to the money.

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Well, below are some of TBT pics of your favorite celebs

  1. Xtian Dela

11 years ago when I went to apply for a job to sell YU SIM cards on the streets of Nairobi. That was the was one of the hardest jobs I ever did. You leave your ID card at the agency, they give you like 100 SIM cards then you start hawking in the streets in a suit! Life was tough. I quit the job after 3 days, knew that’s wasn’t me. The young man had dreams. I haven’t yet made it but I’m on the way,’ he posted accompanied by the photo below.

Xtian Dela


2. Willis Raburu

WIllis Raburu


#TBT my favorite campus picture The OG Wayne!’ he captioned the pic above.

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3. Ken Mijungu

Ken Mijungu

‘I still remember this day! It was my wild photo shoot day 🤡’ he wrote.

4. Amos and Josh

Amos and Josh

‘Major thowback alert, before the dreds and getting used to selfies😂😂😂😂 #tbt #stayhome #staysafe,’ read a caption on the above photo.

5. Size 8

The mother of two shared a photo from back in the day when she was in lover primary, giving a short history of when and where it was taken.

Size 8

A little girl presenting the honourable guest in my former school Dr. Livingstone primary school with a gift in appreciation for attending our school function. Now a grown woman by the grace of God.
Father Lord they might not understand why I am beyond greatful to you. But papa you and I know just how far you have brought me from and how much you have done for me. Not because am good or bad but just out of your grace , mercy and love for me…………… I see a miracle in my life every single day!!!! I love you Lord,’ she wrote.

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6. Kush Tracey

Kush Tracey

Hii luku tulianza kupiga kitambo😉 #tbt Abujubuju ☺️’ she captioned the above pic.

7. Patrick Igunza

Patrick igunza


He shared a photo he took back in 2007, a few months after welcoming his first child.

This was 2007. A few months into FATHERHOOD. Ilikuwa noma KU-BALANCE CHUO na PARENTHOOD. But GOD ni MSOO. Kijanaa saa hii ni TEENAGER. I call it GRACE.

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8. DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat with his mother
DK Kwenye Beat with his mother back in early 80’s

‘Early 80s with @mamastamina,’ the singer captioned the pic above.